Monday, July 14, 2014

Darkfast Dungeons: A Kickstarter by Okumarts Games

So, David Okum, author of Advanced Classes: Ducks and owner/operator of Okumarts has recently successfully funded his new Kickstarter project called Darkfast Dungeons. It's a print and play table-top game paper miniatures game that looks pretty awesome. It's got co-op, competitive and solo play options.

In addition, it looks like it'll be highly useful for table-top RPGs, as the board tiles are modular, which lends them well to dungeon crawls. Now, Darkfast Dungeons has some pretty fantastic stretch goals so I'm just helping boost the signal. If you've got a few dollars and you want something that's both a game in its own right and will be highly used for RPG dungeon crawls, maybe you can slide a few dollars his way by backing this awesome project.

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