Monday, October 10, 2022

The Forest - A Free Kriegsspiel Revival Roleplaying Game

 Hey - long time no blog, right? Right. Life is busy like you wouldn't believe. Or maybe you would. I dunno. Anyway, with things so busy I'm always looking for RPGs that are more and more streamlined, more and more simple. That's how I stumbled onto the Free Kriegsspiel Revival, or FKR. Basically, it's an ultra rules lite form of roleplaying game design that relies more on what fits the nature of the world and less the rules, with players trusting the GM to fiat most situations in a reasonable fashion. Most FKR games I've discovered are under 5 pages, with some being a single page.

Just google "Free Kriegsspiel Revival" or "FKR" and you're in for quite the rabbit hole of a journey.

So, naturally, I decided to write one. Linked in the picture is The Forest, an FKR roleplaying game where players take up the role of villages who journey into the dangerous domain of the Fairie Folk that looms over their community. Hope ya'll like it.