Monday, February 1, 2016

The Hero's Journey - How Much is too Much?

OK, so now that The Hero's Journey is progressing along nicely, I realized that I've kind of created a monster. My initial plan was to do the book and include and adventure and very vague regional map to facilitate a campaign springboard.

Now, I'm definitely keeping the game in digest format, which means the game's 61,000 words so far make it a pretty big damned digest.

I still really want to do an adventure and a broad setting, but the adventure I've got planned is pretty big. A villages and 4-5 location maps, plus a regional map. That's in addition to the broad setting write-up. So, the question is this...

Should I continue adding to the monstrosity or release it as the first supplement? I don't want the book to become too unwieldly, but at the same time most gamers are always asking for more content and I'd be glad to fold it all into one book - but that'll be a big damn book.


  1. Release the module and setting as a supplement, that way you won't have to skimp on detail or stunt your creative growth on them because of space considerations. That's my vote anyway.

  2. The adventure and setting really need to be a supplement, or a setting sup and a separate adventure module to back it up.

  3. Separate books. Burning Wheel did well with separate books. Release in stages. D&D did fine releasing in stages.


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