Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Swords and Wizardry Complete (Third Printing)

So, Frog God Games successfully funded their Kickstarter for a third printing of Swords & Wizardry Complete. Normally, this would be both awesome and not particularly news worthy. I'm a huge fan of both Frog God as a company and S&W Complete - I've even freelanced for Frog God on the new Bard's Gate supplement and an adventure tied in to The Northlands Saga. Matt, Bill, and Zach are all personal heroes. So, if you think I'm biased, that's fair.
S&W Complete 3rd Printing Cover
But this isn't about my bias. This is about the many statement regarding the new cover art. A lot of folks aren't fans of it. And you know what? That's perfectly fine. But, what if you're a fan of Frog God, S&W Complete, and want to support the project - but for whatever reason (not liking the art is just one reason you might be reluctant to back it), still want to show the Frogs some love?

Well, that's an easy one. If you back the project for a buck, you can do an add-on to get a second print Otus art cover S&W Complete book for $30 as a backer-kit add-on.
Swords & Wizardry 2nd Printing Cover
All the hue and cry over this project is really unnecessary in my opinion. Want to make a statement one way or another? Say something with your wallet. Back it if you like it and don't if you're going to pass. No need to turn it into some big to-do political issue.


  1. I don’t understand the “if you don’t like it, you should keep silent and just vote with your wallet” argument. Companies that provide goods or services are in the business of satisfying their customer’s preferences; that’s how they stay in business. Customer feedback—positive and negative—is essential to knowing those preferences. So if FGG is alienating or aggravating part of its customer base, it needs to know so. One can debate whether any significant alienation or aggravation exists, of course, but not if we insist that no one complain in the first place so as to not “turn it into some big to-do.”

    I also don’t understand the “if you hate the current offering, support the company in another way” argument. I’m an S&W fan; I’ve backed more than one of FGG’s kickstarters and bought several of its products direct. But the OSR is not a cult; I owe FGG and the other businesses monetizing the OSR nothing. If product sellers want my money, they need to please me. Same as any other customer in any other money-for-goods transaction. And withholding my money entirely may be the only effective way to relay my dissatisfaction, given that I apparently am not supposed to be voicing it.

  2. I think healthy debate is... healthy. But what you are probably reacting to here more than healthy debate is what happens INSTEAD of that. Bitching, moaning, and flaming. Nobody likes that.

    Of course one man's bitch fit is another man's well-honed criticism.

    I LOVE the direction on this project. And yeah, that means I LOVE that it's an all-female creative team. I haven't fallen in love with the cover, but it's got appeal even if that appeal won't appeal to a lot of hardcore OSR people. Clearly Frog God's goal wasn't to simply preach to the choir here. Bravo, that.

  3. I don't think there is a lot of outrage or noise about the project. It seems to be just people saying they don't like the cover and that's completely fair. It is an abstract piece of art and when something becomes more abstract you're going to have more people have stronger views on it.

    1. Oddly, I'd put that piece of art on my wall (it has been pointed out to me that is looks a bit like a creepy Georgia O'Keeffe - which is totally cool), but I really think it falls flat as an RPG cover. I think it is a missed opportunity to catch people's attention with the cover but a direct hit on getting an artist some well deserved exposure.

  4. Ideally, there would be a cover as well done and "mood setting" as those wonderful 3rd printing interior illustrations. Otus's 2nd printing cover is a perfect complement for the 3rd printing interiors, save for Earl's bad luck to exist as the wrong gender.

    The only possibility I see for those of us who would like a great cover and great (or greater) interiors (my opinion; these are subjective responses to lines on paper) would be to purchase the pdfs of each printi, then privately print a personal copy with the 2nd cover and the 3rd interiors. Pricey, but doable.

    In actual use, it won't make a real difference whichever cover or interior we use. I could just cover the 3rd cover (pun intended) with an opaque book cover and be able to eat. Just a suggestion and a preference for a happier RPG customer base.

  5. Off topic: the link to a blog called "OSR Today" seems to be busted. I tried a Band-Aid and Superglue, but it's still broken.


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