Monday, August 15, 2016

Exploring the Labyrinth Format

The format for the Exploring the Labyrinth segment of the blog will be broken down into a few categories, which I'll detail below.

Adventurers Wanted: Initial impressions. How the product looks on an initial "flip through." Cursory evaluation of cover art, layout, and interior art.

You Meet in a Tavern: General feel and style of a product, or plot of a module. Discussion of any thematic elements that run through the whole product, as well as tone and impressions that come from any subtext within the product. This will also include the general premise of the product, including the story hook for modules.

Check for Traps: A discussion of locations featured in the product. Cities, dungeons, combat encounter set pieces. This will include discussing how clearly they're presented and clever or original locations not commonly seen in a product.

Roll for Initiative: Talking about combat encounters featured in the product. This will include the level of challenge presented to players, as well as dicussion of any special combat scenarios such as air borne or siege combat.

Loot the Body: This section will highlight any unique magic items feaured in the product, discussing their originality, balance, and table use.

Sell it to the City: Integrating the product into an existing campaign and how to implement the product at the table. This will also include how using the product might change the nature of your gaming experience.

Level Up: Final thoughts on the product including my own opinion, as well as links to where the product can be purchased.

Finally, I've decided that the first product to be featured in Exploring the Labyrinth will be Faster Monkey Games' In the Shadow of Mount Rotten! This unique supplement by Joel Sparks allows player characters to take on the role of monstrous creatures, provides a large location overview, and a plethora of new rules, spells, and equipment.

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