Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Class Options Musings for Labyrinth Lord

As I continue prepping for next week's Labyrinth Lord campaign, I'm considering allowing a pair of classes outside of the AEC, simply to round out the "First Edition meets B/X" feel of the Advanced Edition Companion. But my concern is overwhelming my players with options and extra rules.

I really, really love +Richard LeBlanc  B/X Cavalier and B/X Bard, but am hemming and hauling about including them as options. Thoughts? Insights? Opinions?


  1. If you think they will be overwhelming, is there a way you can offer these two classes, as upgrades to another class, later on?

    Cavalier would be a fairly natural outgrowth of a fighter class; the Bard can be offered for Rogue characters etc.

    Both of these classes could offered as upgrades to more than one base class.

    Only item off the top of my head. However, I don't think overwhelming your players is an issue. My experience has been along the lines of "....well if I had known that was a choice in the first place, I would have.....".

    Because, well, PCs really ;)


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