Friday, January 22, 2016

To Write or Not to Write: The Fantasy Heartbreaker

Ahh, the Fantasy Heartbreaker. Most game designers I know have one in their head, and I realized today that I do too. This is a bit annoying, but as I think more and more on it I want to write it more and more. Not necessarily the "perfect" fantasy RPG - because I think that's a subjective concept and impossible to accomplish. But what a game that is ideal for me.

So, I'm considering actually taking a crack at writing one. I've got an outline and am basing it heavily on Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox - including using a lot of material from my previously published work, along with several house rules I don't think are broad or substantial enough to publish publically.

More over, in writing such a thing should I keep it a kind of private game or actually put it up for sale through Barrel Rider Games? Am I foolish? A madman? Is this a fool's errand? What are your thoughts and feeling, my dear blog-readers?


  1. Publish, you may inspire more WB gaming, and that can only be a good thing. I'd give it a shot !

  2. Make it private, wait six months and leak copies for $100 bucks ;)

  3. I wrote my own FHB, Peril and Plunder. I use it when I DM and give copies to my players. Easier than explaining a bunch of rule changes. I put the game up for sale, but also offer my take on clerics for free which includes all the house rules for three types of divine spell casters. I don't expect to sell my FHB, but maybe if someone likes the alternative cleric rules I wrote it will inspire them to build on it.

    Go for it I say, OSR is about sharing and inspiring. There can never be enough FHBs.

  4. Write you fool! Write! Your creativity is an inspiration to others.

  5. Write you fool! Write! Your creativity is an inspiration to others.


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