Sunday, August 16, 2015

Heroes of the OSR: Richard LeBlanc

I've gotten a lot of praise for my products and I'm humbled by it. Truth be told, I'm just a fanboy who is arrogant enough to think his scribblings might be worth a dollars. Most of that money goes to fund the next project or to cover emergencies when they happen. That's what happened with White Star - it's amazing success allowed me to repair my car when it suffered a serious break down that would've otherwise left me financially incapacitated. To everyone who bought a copy of White Star, I give a sincere thanks.

The OSR lives and breathes by its creators and I am honored to be among them. When I discovered the thriving communites on Google Plus I was immediately struck by one particular creator. He spoke little, never involved himself in the politics and drama that inevitably comes with large social groups. Instead, he quietly kept a blog and on that blog he created. Alternate rules, new monsters, new classes, magic items - it was a stream of content and nothing more. His blog turned me to his products - which had been, by all accounts, among the best in the community. 

Vainglory never filled his feed or his blog. Instead, he continued to create. More over, he continued to great fantastic products. When his products are completed they are always amazingly priced, both in digital and print formats.

This creator is an example. He looks past the creators ego, the rewards he has recieves and acts in quiet and humble class. His name is +Richard LeBlanc  and he continues to a cornerstone in the OSR community. Cornerstone. That's an apt description. Silent, strong, unyielding and ever present. I'm thankful to have his products on my shelf and hope he continues to create for years to come.

You can find his blog, Save vs. Dragon is a library of resources and his products on RPGNow and Lulu under the company name New Big Dragon Unlimited are worth five times what he prices them. I ask that you show Mr. LeBlanc respect, kindness and if you can spare it, a few coins from your pocket in exchange for exceptionally well-crafted products.

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  1. I was just dredging his blog, again, and marvelling at the content that makes my B/X game better. A hearty cheer for Mr. LeBlanc!


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