Thursday, July 16, 2015

There and Back Again: A Long Expected Blog Post

So it's been a few months since my last blog post and I've been a bit busy. White Star has been a monster success - way bigger than I ever expected. Its success and the G+ community for the game have kept me hopping from one foot to another and when you couple that with a few freelance irons in the fire and a toddler it makes for a busy man. Also, I'm delayed on getting Class Compendium available in print due to constant issues with the proofs. Hopefully this - the third pass - will put that puppy to bed.

Class Compendium has been a real beast too. It came out to 230 pages and the inclusion of a spell compendium appendix coupled with formatting errors through out really burnt me out. I was sick of Labyrinth Lord by the time I came up on the home stretch. I think that's what lead me to focus on White Star - which obviously turned out to be a good thing. Still, I was seriously burnt on fantasy gaming.

With both Class Compendium and White Star prints being finalized for print on demand service I have to admit that fantasy itch is coming back. I blame +Joseph Bloch in part. I was taking a look at his Adventures Dark & Deep and there's something about it that really has my interest piqued. I already have a plethora of OSR fantasy games, but the premise for AD&D looks like it'll add a touch of freshness to the traditional fantasy genre of RPGs. Besides, Mad Castle of the Archmage was a great product, so I've faith it'll be good stuff.

Close behind it is the Mutant Crawl Classics because it just looks so damned sweet. DCC blew the doors off for my gaming group and I suspect MCC will obliterate the room. Along with that I've also got Star Wars: Force & Destiny and Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed. on deck.

Sure, there are some great games coming my way on the horizon - but the problem is when will I get the time to play them? As mentioned earlier, I've got a lot of stuff going on and even when Class Compendium and White Star are finalized I've still got a plethora of freelance work on my plate, the White Star Companion in draft (which I hope to get out before the end of the year - but no promises, at this rate), along with a 55 hour a week job and an awesome one-year old daughter. When I'm lucky I manage to squeeze in an every-other-week Star Wars game, I'd love to run or play something in the off week for that, but at this rate I feel like I'm writing too much gaming to actually game.

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