Sunday, July 19, 2015

PC Classes vs. NPC Classes

So, I'm brainstorming on a Labyrinth Lord campaign and I debated for a long time about whether or not to use the Advanced Edition Companion. I like the additional classes, spells, and magic items - but like to keep things in the race-as-class style of gaming. That got me thinking about using those additional classes as "NPC" classes in the same way they were found in old issues of Dragon. But then I got to think about what it was like to read those NPC classes at the time. I was always like "Aww man, this is awesome - why can't I play it?" We had things like Bounty Hunter, Archer and Arch-Ranger, Duelist and countless others. Why did I have to be a plain ol' fighter when I could be a Bounty Hunter? Where was that fair?

So is it unfair of me to limit my PCs to the seven classes found in the Labyrinth Lord core book, yet have NPCs show up who might be Paladins, Monks, Illusionists, Assassins or others? I'm torn on the issue. I understand both sides, but I'm unsure if I made the right choice in chosing simplicity over extensive options.

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