Sunday, March 25, 2018

Frustration and Focus

The past three months have been tough on a personal front, with ongoing issues regarding a family member's health and a rapid fire series of home ownership issues. I've not been able to do any writing of real substance and even had to turn down a freelance job I very much wanted to take. After being displaced from my home for almost four months, I'm finally back home and ready to turn my attention to work again.

But, the problem is that I've got so many projects in a partially completed state that I'm at a loss of where to start. I've got the following projects in various states being drafted and can't bring myself to focus on any particular one in order to bring it to completion.

Saga of the White Box: A stand-alone White Box variant drawing from Norse mythology as a primary focus, particularly the Poetic and Prose Eddas.

White Knights: A stand-alone White Box variant focused on telling stories set during the Crusades and focused on playing crusader knights.

Rad Box: A stand-alone White Box variant dealing with the post-apocalypse genre.

Cybermancer: An homage to and rules clean-up of Shadowrun, particularly the 1st and 2nd ed versions.

Untold Adventures: A Jamesification of B/X D&D and Labyrinth Lord.

Swords of Bulsara: An original system sword-and-planet RPG.

White Star: Lightspeed: A supplement for White Star: Galaxy Edition focusing on starships and space travel.

Heroes of Amherth: A conversion of The Chronicles of Amherth to The Hero's Journey.

I'm usually not this scatter-brained. In fact, I usually hyper-focus on a single project and plow through it at a pretty good clip. But each of these products is sitting in a drafted state, some as much as 50+ pages and now I can't just freakin' pick one and go. No real point or statement to this blog entry, I suppose -- just venting my frustration.


  1. If you need to talk, even to sort it out loud, you know how to reach me.

  2. Funny enough, I'm in the same boat right now. I've got a family member who's suffered brain damage and will require my assistance/oversight. Its not time intensive, but it frays the nerves. I've got a set of 5 adventures for Victorious (Evil in the White City), A novel manuscript that just needs one mor editing run, two short stories, and a minis wargame book called Twilight War for 2 hour Wargames. Most are 50-80% complete....yet I can't concentrate on any one of them. If you figure out how to overcome this, please let me know!

    Mike Stewart

  3. wow can't wait. If you are in a hassle. always remember, there are a lot of handy folks at osr communities that would be most willing to help. I've loved your work and seeing all those lists makes me want to give away my wallet before any of them comes out.

    - Dani.


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